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Save Big with Direct Auto’s Policy Discounts

While every driver has to get car insurance, not every driver gets to work with a company that offers discounts just for having a policy. Direct Auto rewards its customers with policy-based discounts that can mean huge savings on their monthly payments. Whether you’ve renewed your policy with Direct, you’ve opted to include an added amenity such as roadside assistance with your policy, or you’ve simply never had a lapse in your insurance status, you could be eligible for discounts. To make it easy for you to find out what saving opportunities you might be missing out on, here are Direct Auto’s current policy-based discounts:

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Policy-Based Discounts

  • Multi-Product Discount: Up to 5% Off
    Drivers that purchase a qualifying Direct Auto product alongside an auto policy may be eligible. Options vary by state, but may include term life insurance, an emergency protection plan, or roadside assistance.
  • Prior Coverage Discount: Up to 25% Off
    Drivers that were previously insured by a different insurance company that is not affiliated with Direct General for at least 6 months may qualify. Lapse period allowances vary by state.
  • Homeowner Discount: Up to 15% Off
    Homeowners are eligible for a discount if they keep their cars at the home in question. This discount does not apply to mobile homes.
  • Renewal Discount: Up to 20% Off
    Drivers with no policy lapse within the past 12 months who renew their Direct Auto policy within seven to ten days of the expiration date can qualify. Renewal periods vary by state.
  • Welcome Back Discount: Up to 6% Off
    Drivers that had a policy with Direct in the past may qualify for a discount if they have not purchased a Direct policy any time within the last six months.
  • Affinity Discount: Up to 5% Off
    This discount applies to drivers with active membership in an organization that has partnered with Direct Auto. Check with your organization or a Direct Auto representative to find out if you qualify.

Qualifications vary by state and restrictions and requirements not written here may apply. Be sure to keep track of the discounts you might qualify for so you can take advantage of all saving opportunities.

Other Discount Options

Policy-based discounts aren’t the only ways to save when you work with Direct -- the company also offers both vehicle-based and driver-based discounts as well. If you own more than one car, are over 55, or have a clean driving record, you might qualify for other discounts. Click here to learn more about driver-based discounts and click here to learn more about vehicle-based discounts.

Policy-based discounts can make a huge difference on your insurance payments. Get a quote from Direct today and find out how inexpensive coverage can be!

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