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Why Direct Auto Insurance?

Since 1991, Direct Auto has consistently offered car insurance that is both affordable and accessible. No matter your driver history, you deserve to get the right coverage at the best price.

Lowest rates

Direct Auto works within your budget while getting you the lowest possible rates. First, your agent will find every single discount that you are entitled to receive. Some discounts may even come as a surprise. Next, your agent will work with you to determine your exact needs and personalize your policy – while ensuring that you do not overspend by purchasing unnecessary coverage.

Last but not least, as a leading carrier with decades of expertise, Direct Auto is able to secure the best prices for state minimum insurance, as well as for additional coverage when needed, such as comprehensive, collision, SR-22 / FR-44 certification, and more.

The discounts, coverage personalization, and expertise all enable Direct Auto to provide truly competitive rates!

In addition to low rates, Direct Auto also offers:

  • Low down payments
  • Flexible monthly payment terms / choose your own due date
  • No checking account or credit card needed to enroll

Coverage and great service for all drivers

Regardless of your driver history -- whether you have a perfect record or have tickets, accidents, or a DUI -- Direct Auto believes that everyone deserves not only great insurance at an affordable price, but also great customer service.

Direct Auto strives to serve you better than any other insurer. From day one, your agent will work to build a relationship that delivers results and exceeds your expectations. Doing right by the customer is always the priority.

In addition to great customer service, Direct auto also offers:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Proof of insurance on your phone
  • Payments accepted online, at kiosks, and via text message
  • Over 400 store locations so you can talk to someone in person
  • Additional insurance, including Emergency Protection Plans and Term Life Insurance

How we can drop your rate?

With, you can save even more.

You see, at any given time, an insurer may be looking for a certain type of driver. Known as balancing their “risk pool,” they need more drivers of a certain age (young vs old), from a certain location (urban vs rural), or with a certain history (perfect vs high risk driver), for example. Those who happen to be the “right” type of driver at this right time will often be rewarded with the best rates.

Our near real-time technology, unrivaled access to leading carriers, and deep industry knowledge – enables us to stack the chips in your favor and get you the best quotes from the right insurer needing -- and rewarding -- drivers just like you at this very moment.

To start comparing Direct Auto with other top carriers, simply enter your zip code and tell us about your car and yourself. We will securely analyze this information, scour through hundreds of additional options (while checking for discounts), and only show you the best providers offering the cheapest rates.

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